Trainee Testimonials

Nitin Sir is an amazing teacher as well as a mentor. The amount of hard work that he puts in to train students for investing is unmatched by any other training institute. The key factor that distinguishes Beyond Quant InvestTraining from other training institutes is the personal attention given to trainees. I gained many practical and valuable insights from him. I strongly recommend Beyond Quant InvestTraining to those who are interested in Equities (investing or career wise).

Namit A., Equity Analyst at an Investment Banking firm based in Mumbai

I had an opportunity to be mentored by Nitiin Sir at an early stage of my career as Equity Research Analyst. I am truly impressed by his ability to think laterally towards the analysis of business models and of financial statements. I feel this approach of Nitiin Sir proves effective in selecting stock ideas from a long-term perspective. Nitiin Sir is very detail oriented and has the ability to focus on things at hand. His level of commitment in stock analysis always brought new rigour to the generally monotonous activity. I have learnt a lot from his skill sets and abilities. I wish Nitiin Sir the very best in his future endeavours and would highly recommend him without reservations.

Lalita S., former Buy-side Equity Research Analyst with a Family Office based in Mumbai

It will be difficult to fit in my experiences with Mr. Nitiin A. Khandkar in such short space. A teacher, a mentor, an elder brother – he has been all that to me. Without an element of doubt, he is among the best mentors I have known. Not only is he a great resource of knowledge, but a wonderful human being as well. To remain cool and composed irrespective of the situation is an astounding quality that I noticed in him.

He gave us the space to have a free run, but at the same time was there to handhold us whenever we lost track or faced roadblocks. His ability to analyze complex issues and reduce them to smaller, manageable tasks is worthy of emulation.

His style of training was truly unique wherein the emphasis was on practical exposure. He made it a point to involve me in a few important meetings with high level dignitaries, which I feel was a big value add. The way he taught me how to understand industry dynamics, analyze financial statements, build financial models from the ground up, and understand the difference between what a promoter claims and what the ground reality is, will go a long way in helping me in my career in the Venture Capital industry.

Every moment that I spent with him was by itself a learning experience. I am sure students in general will benefit from his equity research training program. I wish him all the best!

Rakesh R., former Investment Analyst with a Venture Capital firm based in Mumbai

Nitiin Sir is an excellent teacher, mentor and friend. He taught me how to analyze industry dynamics and financial statements, build financial models from scratch and how to look at the company beyond its financials. As Equity Analyst whatever I know is because of Nitiin Sir. Without his guidance I won’t be where I am now. I am sure other students will benefit from his Equity Research Training Program. I wish him all the best for the future.

Abhishek D., Fund Research Analyst based in Baroda

I got to know of Nitiin through his insightful and easy to read posts on LinkedIn. I then contacted him about my desire to further develop my equity research skills. Before deciding to take the training with Beyond Quant InvestTraining, I went a step further to contact a number of other equity research trainers. But the deciding factors were Nitiin’s practical thought flow as a result of being a practitioner himself, personal touch as well as the cost for such a programme. I have no regrets taking the training from him. I believe the insights he shared, helped me become a better equity analyst. He even went beyond just imparting his knowledge in his area of expertise, to also offer vital work-related advice, which has resulted in some goodies for me at the work place. I therefore have no reservations about his competence and would whole-heartedly recommend Beyond Quant InvestTraining to anybody who wants to gain/sharpen their skills in equity research.

Emmanuel T., Head - Research, with a Buy-side firm based in Africa

In my opinion, what sets the training program with Beyond Quant InvestTraining apart from other programs is that as a trainee, you have access to an experienced mentor to guide you through any topics or issues that may be outside of the core training material. Furthermore, your mentor is there to help you as you grow in your career.

I also liked how the training program goes “Beyond the Quant” and helps shape the way you ought to think when performing rigorous equity research.

Ryan M., Sell-side Equity Research Analyst based in Africa

Since starting the Distance Learning Program in Equity Research with Beyond Quant InvestTraining along with my Masters Degree in Finance and Financial Analysis, Nitiin’s expertise, guidance and assignments are a significant supplement to my studies and aspirations in becoming an Equity Research Analyst.

Nitiin provides practical exposure to various facets of the Equity Research process, which fosters a positive student experience and allows one to gain the wisdom and insights necessary to be successful in Equity Research. This Distance Learning Program has enabled me to decipher what “methods” an Equity Research Analyst needs to employ to carry out his job effectively.

The invigorating challenges and benefits of this Program have been nothing short of stellar. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly vouch for Beyond Quant InvestTraining ‘s Distance Learning Program, as Nitiin’s personal guidance and wisdom have continuously proven to be invaluable to my studies and aspirations in becoming an Equity Research Analyst.

I strongly believe other Equity Research aspirants in my geography (North America) can benefit significantly from his Training Programs.

Chadd Z., Financial Institution Specialist based in the U.S.