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My Stock Investing Principles

Hello Friends!

I have faced this question many times: “How do you shortlist stocks for investing?“. I thought of writing brief guidelines outlining my Stock Investing Principles for my trainees, associates and the general audience. These principles are a culmination of my own professional experience, and whatever I have learned from some of the Gurus of Investing. I’ve had the honor and privilege of interviewing some of them for my Interview with the Investing Elite Series on this website.

Download “BQiT-Stock-Picking-Principles-April-2018.pdf” BQiT-Stock-Picking-Principles-April-2018.pdf – Downloaded 274 times – 306 kB



Warren Buffett

While the principles of Value Investing are timeless and apply to all geographies, I have added a few which apply to Indian companies in particular. Having said that, these principles too would be applicable anywhere in the world.

Readers should understand that these are merely my thoughts – I don’t claim they are perfect or all-encompassing. It would usually take a book to encapsulate all Stock Investing Principles and Strategies. Therefore, these principles should be treated as guidelines only, and not a set of detailed instructions or a checklist. I don’t expect every one of you to agree with every principle I mention.

Principles covered include:

  • Management Quality
  • Moat
  • Financial Performance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Red Flags
  • And a few more…

Please do read the attached presentation, and share your feedback in the Comments section below, or on founder @

Research and Investing are continuous processes, and one has to keep learning and refining one’s skill sets, all the time! 

Happy Investing!


This material is meant for educational purpose only.

No part of this content should be construed as investment advice or solicitation, or a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Names of stocks mentioned in the material are for representational purposes only, and do not represent stock recommendations to buy or sell. The author will not be responsible for the outcome of investments based on this content.

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