Sector Analysis Webinars

Sector Analysis Webinars

We have already organized Pharma Sector Analysis webinars, and intend to launch webinars for other sectors, in the near future.

We aim to provide the audience an in-depth overview of the sector covered, via such webinars. We are aware that while a lot of research reports or recommendations are freely available on the internet, there is no way you can get to listen to an analyst share knowledge on sectors. This is where our webinars come in.

Pricing will vary from sector to sector.

Schedules will be announced in due course, and will typically coincide with the “off-season” for the analysts, which is the period other than the earnings season. As you probably know, analysts are quite busy during the earnings season, writing earnings update and reviewing their recommendations on the stocks under their coverage.

Please get in touch with us on inquiries @ for schedules, fees and other details.