Our WhatsApp Group

We have a WhatsApp Group named Beyond Qnt InvestTraining, in which we discuss research methodologies, valuations, economy and industry updates, etc. We welcome visitors to our website, to become part of our WhatsApp Group too!

Our Group consists of our trainees, investment professionals and investors. It is a great networking platform. Please note that we do not share investment advice, stock recommendations, tips, etc. in our WhatsApp Group.

The way it works is:

1. You send us an email to inquiries @ bqinvesttraining.com, containing your full name, location, phone number, professional background and name of current organisation.

2. We add you to the Group, once we verify your credentials.

3. Users with LinkedIn profiles will be given priority.

Since there’s a limit of 256 members for WhatsApp Groups, we urge interested persons to join our Group fast!