New Batches of Training Programs

We are pleased to announce New Batches of Our Training Programs.

1. Training Program in Equity Research

A fresh in-person batch is starting on 3rd week of January, 2018. We would also be offering a Distance Learning version of the same, to non-Mumbai trainees.

2. Advanced Program in Stock Market Investing

(a) Distance Learning version

We are starting a new batch of the Distance Learning version of the above training program in 4th week of January, 2018. The training sessions would be delivered via webinars, or other modes. Sessions are likely to be held on Saturdays, to begin with.

(b) In-person version

The in-person version of the training program will likely be held on Sundays, at our premises at Thane, near Mumbai.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in either of these training programs. Just shoot an e-mail to:

inquiries @