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Indian Companies Financial Models for Sale

Why Should Institutional Investors and HNIs have All the Fun?

For long, rigorous financial analysis of companies has been the prerogative of institutional investors and HNIs only. Only these categories of investors can afford investing in the tools required for financial analysis, be it a Bloomberg, or homegrown financial databases, as even the latter is quite expensive.

Not any more.

Retail Investors, who are considered the poor cousins of HNIs, constantly face the challenge of carrying out financial analysis of various companies they would like to consider for investing. They have to carry out the analysis by themselves. Compiling spreadsheets capturing financial data of companies is a difficult and time consuming task. However, the spreadsheet remains the quintessential tool for arriving at the investment decision.

Given their small corpus, Retail Investors may not be in a position to invest in financial databases available in the market, which cost anywhere upwards of Rs 70,000 p.a. These databases cover more companies than what most investors may ever need. Why pay a bomb for something you may never fully utilize?

We, at Beyond Quant InvestTraining, offer a cost-effective solution to Retail Investors: Outsourcing of Financial Models.

Custom-built Financial Models in Spreadsheet Form

We offer custom-built financial models in spreadsheet form, on India-listed companies, which capture financials of last 5-6 years, as sourced from the published annual reports. These cover Annual Income Statement (full), Balance Sheet (full) and Cash Flow Statement (summary). Other add-ons include a worksheet containing summary financials and valuations.

Our financial model spreadsheets cover historical data only. We do not include earnings estimates in the spreadsheet. Our financial model spreadsheets however have provision for incorporating your own estimates of future revenue and profits. 

Here are some FAQs which will answer most of your questions re. our financial model spreadsheets!

Who is the Target Audience?

Our financial model spreadsheets are aimed at Retail Investors who are not in a position to invest in expensive databases, which are unlikely to be fully utilized by them. Only pay for what you use.

Our financial models provide investors with the financial track record and key financial ratios of target companies, so that they are able to decide whether to invest or not, or at what price.

You are a training venture. Why are you selling models?

While our focus is firmly on our training, we realized that we anyway keep building models on various companies. This is just a way to monetize what we are already doing. There is no conflict of interest.

How do you construct the Models?

Our financial model spreadsheets are populated manually, by hard-coding financial data from company annual reports and quarterly earnings statements. We do not rely on any third-party databases.

Our financial model spreadsheets go deeper into analysis of “Other Expenses” (incl. rent, power and fuel, repairs to machinery, legal and professional fees, selling and distribution expenses, advertising and sales promotion expenses) which are usually clubbed in the Income Statement in annual reports. We provide a breakdown of Other Expenses into various sub-headings, highlighting the top 5-6 items which account for ~70%-80% of “Other Expenses”. The benefit of this exercise for investors, is that they can (i) differentiate between the cost structures of different industries, (ii) better understand and analyze changes in the cost structure and EBITDA margins over the years.

For how many companies do you offer Models?

We currently financial model spreadsheets on about 50 companies, and are adding more. We aim to offer as many as 100 companies soon.

Can you offer models on Companies as per Investors’ choice?

Yes, we can! Just let us know the names of companies for which you need financial models and we would be happy to oblige.

How can Investors benefit from your Models?

By purchasing the models from us, you are effectively outsourcing the unpleasant, laborious job to us, at a much lower cost vis-a-vis the expensive databases. You end up saving your precious time. We give you financial models, which can help you analyze the company financials yourself and arrive at conclusions.

What do the Models contain?

Our financial model spreadsheets contain not only raw financial data, but ratios too. Also, all relevant cells are interlinked and have formulas, so that changing one cell will automatically change values in all related cells.

Financials for last 5-6 years:

Separate Worksheets containing Consolidated Income Statement (full), Consolidated Balance Sheet (full), Consolidated Cash Flow Statement (summary), and Quarterly Earnings Statement for last 8 quarters.

Summary Sheet capturing stock price, 52-week high/low, full market cap, free-float market cap, dividend per share, dividend yield, financial snapshot including sales, EBITDA, net profit, valuations.

Key Financial Ratios, including Valuation parameters:

Income statement ratios and balance sheet ratios are stated below the respective sheet.

Current ratio, Quick ratio, receivables collection period, creditors payment period, fixed assets turn, working capital turn, debt-equity ratio, RoE, RoCE.

P/e,  P/c, P/b, P/s, EV/EBITDA, NCAV, Graham Number

Provision for Adding Earnings Estimates

We provide columns in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, wherein you can hard-code earnings estimates from third-parties. You can also arrive at the forward valuations of the stock, on the basis of these additional columns.

Can we use your Models to build Models on other Companies?

Absolutely! Since our models have links and formulas, you can simply hard code numbers for other companies and build models yourself. However, it will still be a tedious process, as you will have to do the hard-coding of financial data for other companies, all by yourself.

Can we update your Models periodically?

Yes, you can. You can update the models yourself for stock price changes, financial results including annual and quarterly results, etc. You just have to hard code data from the related filings.

Since all related cells are interlinked, change in price will automatically update both full and free float market cap, dividend yield, etc.

Needless to state, you can add your own ratios too.

Why can’t Investors build the Models themselves?

Well, they surely can! If Investors have the time and patience to build up a spreadsheet from scratch, they can certainly do it themselves. However, building a spreadsheet is a time-consuming, laborious job. By outsourcing the job to us, they save precious time, which they can utilize elsewhere.

Some websites offer historical financials of companies. Why should we purchase your models?

Yes, some websites do offer historical financials for free. But isn’t it a pain, trying to copy-paste all that data into the spreadsheet, insert all formulas and ratios, etc.?

Why shouldn’t Investors purchase the Databases instead?

Fair enough! If you are willing to shell out the big bucks, go ahead! But if you are a cautious investor, who would first like to build up a corpus, generate profits and then re-invest, you will come to us. Why purchase a database of 5,000 companies, when you are unlikely to invest even in 100 of them, at any point in time? Expensive databases are not meant for Retail Investors.

Financial Databases contain the Query Function, which your Models do not.

True. But you can always utilize free resources for running a query for shortlisting stocks. Again, why invest so much money in databases, merely to run the query?

What are the Packages you offer?

We offer packages of financial model spreadsheets on 10, 25, 50 and 75 companies. We believe this will cover the requirements of most small investors.

How do Investors purchase the Models?

Write to us at founder @, stating your requirements, and we will come back to you with the right package and a price quote. Payment is to be made via bank transfers.

Before I buy a package, can I try out your service?

Yes, surely. Buy one model from us for as low as Rs1,000 and try it out. If you like it (and we are sure you will), you could go for a package. However, this first model would be a sample model and will not contain links, but only the raw data.

Can I upgrade to a bigger package after I try out your models?

Yes, of course! You can just remit the price difference to us, and we will deliver the additional models to you.