1What is the professional background of the founder of Beyond Quant InvestTraining?
The founder of Beyond Quant InvestTraining is a professionally qualified chartered accountant from India, with nearly two decades of experience in the Capital Markets. Please visit the “About Us” section here for details.
2Please throw some light on your training programs.
Details can be accessed here. We conduct personalized Training Programs in (i) Stock Market Investing and (ii) Equity Research. The training program in stock market investing is aimed at investors who would like to learn the art of bottom-up stock picking, based on Fundamental Analysis. The training program in Equity Research is aimed at fresh graduates, CAs, MBAs, CFAs, who are keen to pursue a career in Equity Research.
3Which sectors are covered in your training programs?
Our training programs cover the broad gamut of equity investing and research. A module on the Consumer (FMCG) sector is in-built in the training programs. Candidates can opt for modules on other sectors, for which they have to pay extra. We have added Pharma sector and are in the process of adding a few other sectors to our bouquet.
4Please describe your Sector Analysis Webinars.
Our Sector Analysis Webinars are an industry-first. We are the first in the investment training industry to offer such webinars. The sector analysis webinars are delivered by sector specialists, and provide great value, by providing unique insights into the sector, for investors and analysts alike.
5Do you offer In-person Training and Distance Learning?
Yes, we do. We offer both in-person training and distance learning programs via Webinars. We believe in live training, whether in-person, via distance learning via webinars. In recorded videos and webinars, trainees do not get the opportunity to interact with the trainer on a real-time basis, in order to sort their queries out. However, we do intend to provide recorded webinars, to those who are unable to participate in our live webinars.
6In addition to your training programs, do you sell any software or services?
No! We are an educational and training venture. We sell our training only. We do not sell any software, or services such as investment advisory or financial products. We do not provide any kind of investment advice, or stock recommendations, in our training programs. Trainees come to us, in order to learn equity investing and research, and not for investment advice or tips. However, we have started selling our Financial Models, as we build up so many of them while we update our training material. This is a low-cost offering meant for retail investors.
7Please discuss your training program content.
Our training program content has been developed entirely by us. We focus not so much on theory, but on practical aspects and live case studies.
8Who have been your trainees?
Our trainees come from diverse backgrounds - experienced sell-side analysts, buy-side analysts, fresh MBAs / equity research aspirants, technical analysts, commodity dealers, individual investors, among others. You can access trainee testimonials here.
9How easy or difficult is it, to become an Equity Research Analyst?
The job of equity research analyst is not for everyone. Period. It’s an extremely glamorous job, no doubt, but also quite difficult to succeed at. As a sell-side analyst, you have to interact with both, the companies you track, and the buy-side clients your firm services. The job calls for not only analytical skills, but also interpersonal skills. You have to be able to build a personal rapport with the coverage companies and retail and institutional clients of your firm. A buy-side analyst’s job is no less difficult. He has to not only carry out in-depth research, but also convince his firm’s investment committee about investing in, or exiting, a certain opportunity. He will be appraised on the basis of how his recommendations perform.
10Do you provide support after trainees complete the training programs?
Yes, absolutely. We are quite keen to remain in touch with our trainees, long after their training with us is over.